Tony Lopes

  • Surname: Tony
  • First name: Lopes
  • Country: FRANCE

Could you depict a self-portrait ?

My name is Tony Lopes, I'm 26. I'm a knifemaker, I got this passion at about 7 years old and haven't been able so stop since then. Even if knifemaking takes most of my time, I also like combat sports and particularly self protection.

How have you come to balisong, and why do you like this kind of knife ? How have you come to produce balisongs ?

I discovered balisong quite young, as i said, I began to collect knives at 7 years old and my first knife was a balisong. Obviously, being this young, I didn't know what could be done with this knife...

Why do you like this kind of knives ?

I like this kind of knives, because it's simple and basic to operate and to deploy.

How have you come to produce balisongs ?

I came to make balisongs because it's a kind of folder that matches my personnal vision of a knife.

What is your source of inspiration, your muse ?

I have several sources of inspiration, but I won't quote any of them so that I won't forget any.

What are you looking for in a knife ? (particularly in a balisong)

I'm looking for simplicity in the conception of a knife. That makes it easier to deploy under stress in case of conflict.

Do you EDC a bali ?

Yes I EDC a balisong (Armand Palacio's).

Do you flip balisongs ?

I flip a little, but it's limited to several basic figures.
Yet when I discover a move that I like, I don't stop to repeat it in order to master it.

How would you describe your creations ?

My creations reflect my vision of the use of a blade: sturdiness and practicality.

Which advice could you give to an amateur or professional knifemaker which wants to start making balisongs ?

The only advice I could give is to achieve to transmit the emotion felt when the realisation and to put all of it in a knife

According to you, how will the balisong evolve in the future?

I hope the world of balisong will spread and it loses it's gangster's knife reputation.

Thank you Tony for taking the time to answer our questions. A last word before you leave ? (Your topicality or any other subject which you would like to approach)

Thanks for this interview.
Have a nice day.