Fred Perrin

  • Surname: Fred
  • First name: Perrin
  • Country: FRANCE

Could you depict a self-portrait ?

I'm 41, I'm fond of knives since my childhood, I make knives for a living, my other passion is martial arts.

How have you come to balisong, and why do you like this kind of knife ? How have you come to produce balisongs ?

I discovered balisong in 1980 in US fighting mags, I read my first ones in 1984. What I like in bali is its easyness of construction and its sturdiness, moreover it's easy to repair, and its one hand quickdraw possibility always seduced me. To make them myself, it's to make which model I want.

What is your source of inspiration, your muse?

My knife culture and my instinct, added to the present spirit, it depends on what I like at this moment.

What are you looking for in a knife ? (particularly in a balisong)

It all depends on the use, for flipping and for utility, very compact for concealed carry, big folder for outdoors, it's pretty variable.

Do you EDC a bali ?

Yes, I always carry a bali, it's one of my EDC basics.

Do you flip balisongs ?

Yes, times to times, long ago I used to do it a lot, but now I just flip a few.

How would you describe your creations ?

It's hard to describe what one does, simple, fonctional.

Which advice could you give to an amateur or professional knifemaker which wants to start making balisongs ?

Start making, and if you have questions ask me, it's part of my knifemaker job to answer them.

According to you, how will the balisong evolve in the future?

Start making, and if you have questions ask me, it's part of my knifemaker job to answer them.
According to you, how will the balisong evolve in the future? High-tech fashion will be limited material possibilities and working limits given by mechanized tools and also by the lack of creativity of those who just copy what sells well.
Hope comes from the "little knifemakers", those who work their ass and guts out to make balis in their garage or on the living room's table, here there are ideas, and research is what I like the most, real custom balis, not all of those perfect mechanisms which will anyway neither be used nor flipped. In my opinion, a custom is made to live, not to be in a safe.
The "little knifemakers" look for ideas with almost no adapted tool, and doesn't limit themselves, that's where we can see the future.
The explosion of the balisong fashion is also due to one person who communicates on the web, Mr Tuan Long who has really boosted the world of balisong with his ideas and his tendency to push makers to smaller and different models, moreover the dremel team has moved a lot thanks to this pacesetter who is the one I'm proud to have as a friend: master gm 66 (yes, by dint of carrying more steel than an aircraft carrier, he shrank) Mr Tuanito

Thank you Fred for taking the time to answer our questions. A last word before you leave ? (Your topicality or any other subject which you would like to approach)

Thank you to contact me. My topicality: to develop a range of semi custom and industrial knives with balisong projects of course.
Thanks all for this good trip, for the forum, I'm eager to be at the SICAC for the flipping demos. See you soon
fred perrin ghc