Armand Palacio

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  • Surname: Palacio
  • First name: Armand
  • Country: Philippine
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Could you depict a self-portrait ?

I'm a 35 years old filipino guy married and have two boys. I use to be just a balisong hobbiest, but now I a full time maker. My specialty is the milling machine were I make the handles of the balisong.

How have you come to balisong, and why do you like this kind of knife ?

My interest in the balisong started when I was in high school. I was studying arnis under Grandmaster Ernesto Presas and I meet some guys there who are into knife fighting and uses the balisong for their training.

How have you come to produce balisongs ?

I studied basic machine shop in 2002 and from there I learned how to machine a solid bar into a balisong handle.

What inspires you, what is your muse?

My culture as a Filipino. Balisong is well known world wide as part of the Philippine culture.

Which material do you prefer for blades (different steels) and handles (Titanium, g10, brass, wood) and why are they your favorite ?

I like to use high carbon steel like 1095 for the blades and 303 stainless steel for the handles. This materials are perfect and make a rock solid balisong that will last a lifetime. I like to use kamagong wood for the inserts, because it is heavy wood and makes a nice pattern.

Balisong de Armand PALACIO SICAC 2006

Do you flip balisongs ?

Yes, but not that much.

How could you describe your creations ?

The best filipino handmade balisong in the planet.

Do you envision making spring latch balisongs ?

Maybe in the future.

How do you think that the world of balisong will evolve in the future ?

I do not think you could reinvent a wheel, but you could improve it. You will see better balisongs in the future using space age materials and mechanisms.

Thank you Armand for taking the time to answer our questions. A last word before you leave ?

Sorry it took a while to make this reply ? Have a nice weekend my friend and see you at SICAC next week.